"Manille", série "We... Human body", Recherche en résidence aux Philippines, octobre 2018

Résidence de création et exposition - Centre Intermondes La Rochelle - Galerie 1335 Mabini - Alliance française Manille

 ° I actually volunteered for the shot because recently I was feeling like my body was not my own, and this was my way of reminding myself that my body is mine. R.

° The experience has taught me a lot and you art will empower women all over the world. S.
° This is my first time I felt nervous but as the shoot continues I started to enjoy every moment. V.
°  It was a beautiful experience transforming my body into an abstracted sculpture. Leaving my ego behind and becoming one with the composition. J.
° I was nervous of course. I am not used to be naked in front of someone, even intimately. There is a goal for agreeing here on my side, which is to overcome that hesitation. Z.
° It was a new experience for me, posing naked. I thought being naked would be different, but it felt it’s almost the same. A.
° It was a first for me and definitively memorable, substantial.To undress is easy, to be bare is difficult. M.