A disturbing strangeness, a shift in meaning
Patricia Morvan, VU Agency Director

An intelligent representation of the body
Christian Gattinoni, Art Critic and et Artixtic advisor to the fiction documentaire festival

Artist Annabelle Munoz-Rio’s work has been inspired by sculpture, painting and theatre.
Her life-long preoccupation is the human body - and particularly the female body. In its many roles and disguises, the artist is revealing part of her inner world.
Her bodies are at times visible, then almost invisible, often vulnerable or suffering and finally re-emerging in gestures of metamorphosis.
A.M.R stages scenarios with male and female models. Their bodies may carry intimate messages, freeing deeply lodged emotions, or reflecting early traumata, and in the process are achieving a kind of transcendance in imaginary, mythological or somewhat surreal tableaux.
Her focus is the flesh, the skin, the textures, carnal sensations - the veiled female form, the secret body as universal history, or landscape of the psyche.
As a practitioner of Asian philosophy and Qi Gong, A.M.R is searching for harmony and balance, a union of body, mind and spirit - with the breath leading the way.
A.M.R, born in 1974 in Auray, France, is a graduate in Fine Art from Lorient in Nantes and the University of Bordeaux, France. Her work has been exhibited internationally. She has been the recipient of many art residences and received commissions from the Public Sector in France.


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